Insight-Based Strategy


"If you want breakthrough, non-obvious insights or strategy, especially with a complex business problem, consider hiring The Seidewitz Group." — Sheila Tan, former CMO, Align Technology & LegalZoom


Rigorous, collaborative processes that immerse your team in customer understanding. It’s how we partner with you to develop strategies that drive growth. Consultants with front line P&L experience at world class marketing companies will lead your team through the process, and afterwards put best practices in place to make sure strategies are implemented consistently and with excellence.

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A comprehensive audit of your existing customer knowledge.  Synthesizing findings across multiple knowledge sources—research reports, strategic documents, syndicated studies, internal stakeholders— we will identify the 800 lb. Gorillas that are holding back your business, and the Silver Bullets that might accelerate growth.

Three big "Watch Outs" for applying research to the real world

A Clear Turnaround


A concise, one-page map of the explicit and implicit (non-conscious) needs that drive your customer’s purchase decisions. Built using our proprietary applied neuro-research techniques, the NeedsMap is the perfect vehicle to drive deep customer understanding throughout your organization—and to put the customer at the center of your strategy.

Beware the Voice of the Customer

It's All About Carol in Accounting

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Positioning Strategy Development

The benefit that your brand stands for in the mind of your customer: your brand positioning. It should be the guiding force behind marketing, product development and customer experience. And it can be the difference between sustained growth and slow decline. Our positioning development process results in an optimized, quantitatively validated strategy that will maximize demand for your product.

A Clear Turnaround

Positioning a New Drug? The Last Thing You Should Think About is the Drug

Volumetric Forecasting

A high-confidence prediction of the success of your new product. Combining inputs from quantitative concept research, marketing plan assumptions and historical data, our forecast model reliably predicts three to five years of sales for your new product. Predictions from our model are, on average, within 11% of actual in-market results, providing high confidence for go/no-go decisions and production planning.

Hopes Dashed

Why You Can't Trust Market Research Predictions

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Iterative Immersion

A structured, facilitated process that optimizes messaging by iteratively immersing your team in customer engagement. Can be used to optimize strategic messaging or marketing execution. Our consultants will guide your team through the process and make sure the optimized output is fully implemented.

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