It’s Time to Migrate -- Intuit Case Study



  • Intuit QuickBooks was the dominant player in small business accounting software.

  • Migration of QuickBooks users from desktop to online version was a top corporate priority for 2014, but migration performance was 50% below goal.

  • Different regions (North America, UK, Australia) were operating in silos and not coordinating migration efforts/sharing best practices.

What We Did:

  • Conducted a MetAnalysis™, analyzing previous research for customer insights and reviewing migration marketing to-date to identify successes from across regions.

  • Led a multi-functional, multi-regional Intuit team through our Iterative Immersion™ process (rapidly iterating between internal hypothesis development and external testing with customers) to develop a new migration messaging strategy.


  • Seven months after completion of the project, Intuit announced in its earning report that “acceleration in subscription services…increased QuickBooks Online subscribers by 40%” in just one quarter.

  • The project was held up a success model for how Intuit should conduct cross-regional projects in the future.

Case StudyScott Seidewitz