It’s All About Carol in Accounting – iTelligence Case Study



  • iTelligence, a subsidiary of SAP, was a leading installer and customizer of SAP systems in Europe. However, it was unknown in the U.S.

  • An existing marketing campaign promoted iTelligence’s expertise in installing SAP systems.  This failed to build brand recognition, resulting in flat revenue as salespeople could not get in the door.


What We Did:

  • Conducted Context Storytelling™ research to identify functional, emotional and implicit drivers of prospect decision-making.  Research findings were used to construct a one-page NeedsMap™ showing how prospects make decisions.
  • One key unmet need was an “ah ha” to Itelligence: the need to make sure the organization embraces and fully utilizes a new enterprise system.  Simply put, you won’t achieve positive ROI if Carol in accounting keeps using her old spreadsheets.
  • We developed a strategy to position Itelligence as the company that makes SAP systems work for everyone in your organization, and worked with them to develop new capabilities to deliver on this positioning.


In the year after the strategy was implemented, Itelligence’s U.S. sales grew 81%.  The U.S. president of Itelligence was quoted in the business press saying he had become a “believer in the power of B2B branding.”

Case StudyScott Seidewitz