A Clear Turnaround – Invisalign Case Study



Align Technology experienced a three-year decline in Invisalign’s North American business (2007 – 2009).

Our Analysis:

  • Conducted contextual research and developed NeedsMaps™ to provide a deep understanding of dentist, orthodontist and consumer needs.

  • Performed an analysis of the concept and volumetric forecast results, which showed current product innovation strategy was not significantly increasing doctor utilization of Invisalign

  • Completed a MetAnalysis™ (comprehensive audit of existing research and strategy documents) that identified three “800 lb. Gorillas”—barriers holding back the business.

What We Did:

  • Worked with Invisalign to develop a new product innovation strategy to address Gorillas and drive doctor utilization.

  • Used deep customer understanding to develop highly compelling new positioning strategies for both consumers and professionals (dentists and orthodontists).


  • 15%+ growth in North American business in for six consecutive years (2010 – 2015).



Previous Strategy

  • Invisalign is the clear alternative to braces.
  • Result:  Did not effectively drive category demand. Mainly convinced the adults already considering teeth straightening to choose Invisalign over braces.

New Strategy

  • Emotional benefit of greater confidence when you straighten your teeth.
  • Result: Strong increase in consumers considering teeth straightening and requesting Invisalign
Case StudyScott Seidewitz