Organizational Consulting


"The Seidewitz Group is very methodical in applying best practices to integrate customer insights into business processes.” — Dan Diederich, Director of Customer Experience, Align Technology (makers of Invisalign)

Is your market research function an engine for growth? Do your marketing people understand how to use research to deliver results?  We’ll work with you to assess your organization, train your people and identify bottlenecks that inhibit innovation and risk-taking. Applying our deep knowledge of research and marketing best practices, we’ll help you optimize your market research and marketing capabilities, with one goal in mind: accelerating top line growth.



A comprehensive audit of your market research capabilities and organization, including interviews of market research and marketing staff, review of key projects and assessment of market research processes. The foundation for working with you to optimize your market research capabilities, structure and work processes.



We provide training in best practices for both market research and insights-driven marketing.  We can train your people in:

  • Market research fundamentals

  • Emerging research tools

  • How and when to use DIY research

  • Neuro-research

  • Concept writing

  • Effective brand positioning and messaging

  • Marketing innovation

  • Behavioral economics

  • Effective marketing planning

If your organization has unique training needs, we’ll work with you to develop a custom curriculum.


Research Planning

Market research is often reactive, with projects popping up in response to short-term business needs. If your organization wants to move from reactive to proactive use of market research, we can help. We’ll work with you to identify business needs and opportunities, and develop an annual research plan to provide the foundational knowledge and tracking systems to drive and monitor growth.


Research Outsourcing

Large companies can afford to have a big market research staff. But many mid-market companies (sales of $100M - $3B) have not achieved the scale to support a research department. Sometimes, mid-market companies bring in a small research staff before the organization is ready, which can lead to bottlenecks and disconnect business leaders from market research.

The Seidewitz Group has experience working with mid-market companies as your outsourced market research department—helping you plan, design and execute research. Our focus is designing and implementing research efficiently, and making sure your marketing teams are deeply involved in the research process. If outside resources are needed, we’ll select the supplier and manage them within your budget.