Product Innovation

In the debate over whether technology or customer needs should drive product innovation, The Seidewitz Group comes down decidedly on the customer needs side.

The foundation of our approach to product innovation is a deep understanding of the emotional and implicit (or non-conscious) factors that drive much of your customers’ decision-making. That’s why we begin by using our contextual research and modeling techniques to develop a NeedsMapTM for each of your target audiences.

With NeedsMaps in hand, we lead your team through a comprehensive idea generation and evaluation methodology focused on finding new ways to meet customer needs. Our process involves:

  • Facilitated internal brainstorming
  • “Expert” customer brainstorming
  • Technical assessment and initial screening of new product ideas
  • Qualitative concept development
  • Quantitative concept testing and volumetric forecasting

By tapping into previously unidentified customer needs, our product innovation process finds new opportunities that are missed by the typical focus on category adjacencies, new markets, and new technologies. We’ve delivered breakthrough results and can apply our methodology to consumer, B2B or pharmaceutical markets of any size.

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