Political Consulting

Most political consulting firms focus on the candidate and the opposition. At The Seidewitz Group, we focus squarely on the voter.

We recognize that people don’t make voting decisions in a vacuum. They face day-to-day challenges and have hopes, dreams, fears, and worries that transcend politics. Understanding these factors–the things that are truly important in voters’ lives–is the key to developing political advertising and direct mail that resonate at a much deeper level than typical political communications.

Using our proprietary VCCTM methodology, The Seidewitz Group works collaboratively with your campaign to develop a deep understanding of your voters’ lives. We then use this understanding to match the key strengths and issues of the candidate or issue with what really matters to voters.

The result is high impact political communications that persuade voters at both an intellectual and emotional level. It’s why our political advertising and direct mail have pulled off upsets and helped candidates exceed expectations in municipal, mayoral, county, legislative and Congressional races. Our work was also recognized with a National Citation of Excellence from the American Advertising Federation.

Unlike many political consulting firms, who specialize in either TV advertising or direct mail, we can handle either or both. Please review our political TV ads below, or click here to see some of our political mail pieces. For more information about our political consulting, contact us.